Llandrillo Ganolfan Packed Out at First Meeting

A full house for our first meeting

More than 160 people packed into Llandrillo’s Ganolfan on Monday, September 19, for STEMM’s first Open Meeting.  The aim of the meeting was to explain the background to ScottishPower Renewable’s plans and to outline the impact the windfarm would have on the local communities.

The speakers went through a range of issues including impact on tourism and jobs in the area, to the prospect of falling house prices, noise issues and the loss of this unique landscape.  The point was also made, repeatedly, that this area is not a site designated by the Welsh Assembly for a large scale windfarm.  We are hoping to feature a summary of the points made by the speakers on the STEMM website in the next couple of days for those people who were unable to attend the meeting.

Many thought provoking points and concerns also came from local people who attended, which included fears about the noise from these enormous turbines, not only for those living close to them, but also travelling along the valley; the damage to the landscape with all the tracks, concrete bases and other structures that would be needed alongside the turbines; distribution to or loss of spring fed water supplies from the mountain; and, the reduction of visitors and what that would mean to the various camping and caravan sites, as well as local shops, pubs, hotels and restaurants.

The point was made that the’community benefit’ would never be enough to compensate local people for loss of jobs, livelihoods, reduction in house values, as well as the destruction of the peaceful environment that we all enjoy.

At the end of the meeting many people left details of their own particular concerns and also their experiences of the existing, far smaller, windfarm at Braich Ddu.  The STEMM group very much wants to hear from people about the questions they want asking and any fears they have.

We will shortly be putting on the website a draft letter or email which can be sent opposing the plan.  We will be providing a list of those to write to and the issues that can be covered, as not all points, such as the fact turbines are not an effective means of generating energy, are accepted as objections to this type of proposal.

We are intending to organise a series of fund raising and social events and would also like to hear from anyone who would like to get involved with these or has any ideas.  If you feel you have skills to offer the group or are willing to help keep those without internet access in touch with how the campaign is going, then we would really like to hear from you, please.  You can contact us through the website, or by emailing: contact@stemm.org.uk 

You can also ring any of the following: John Broughton on 01490410133; Andrew Jedwell on 01490440722; Hilary Madeley on 01490440471; or, Karen Roden on 01490440539.

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