More Wind Turbines On The March?

As if it isn’t bad enough that this beautiful landscape between Corwen and Bala could be lost, thanks to ScottishPower Renewables’ proposed scheme for 25, 145m (475ft) high turbines on Mynydd Mynyllod in the heart of the valley. But now there are three separate plans for additional wind turbines!
These are at: Syrior, near Llandrillo, for two 46m (150ft) turbines; Tyn y Fedw, Bethel, for a turbine of 79m (259ft); and, Bodelith Isaf, near Bethel, for two turbines of 125m (410ft).
We already have the three Braich Ddu turbines of 80m (262ft) on the mountain. The cumulative effect of a total of 30 new turbines in the same area – 25 of them the tallest currently onshore in the UK – would be staggering.
Details of these can be found on Denbighshire and Gwynedd Councils’ websites and they make interesting reading. One of the documents states that the Bodelith site could place the turbines a mere 230 metres from the nearest residential property and only 250 metres from public rights of way.
Not only do wind turbines dominate the landscape, but they bring with them acres of hard standing and access roads, pylons and an increase in heavy lorries. Many say they create health problems, too, predominantly through infrasound. Because of this fear, the Government and councils are under increasing pressure to set separation distances between turbines and homes. For example, a turbine of up to 50m would have a mimimum distance requirement of 1,000m, while the separation distance for a turbine between 100m and 150m would be 2km. Wind farm development has effectively ended in Wiltshire for the time being after the council imposed this as a planning policy.
We don’t have this to protect the Upper Dee Valley from the blight of turbines. Let one application through now, and we don’t yet know just how many other landowners may also decide to jump on the lucrative wind subsidy bandwagon.
Wind turbines are not ‘green and clean’, but an unreliable, expensive, inefficient, financial scam. Please help keep this valley free from the clutches of those who only see the ££££ signs by objecting to these applications.
The issue of wind turbines has created huge divisions in many communities around the UK, and will continue to do so while the Government carries on ‘rewarding’ energy companies and landowners with subsidies that come from our soaring energy bills.
To my mind, there is nothing wrong with objecting to a neighbour’s plans for a wind turbine. For instance, if you feel it impacts on the pleasure you gain from your home; if you feel your peace and quiet will suffer; or, you are concerned that your business will be hit because of a possible fall in visitor numbers. After all, you would like to think that the landowners, some of whom have lived alongside their neighbours for many years, would have some feeling for the anguish that the various proposals are causing for many local people.

If you wish to object to the present application at Syrior, Llandrillo, please do so before August 30 by emailing or writing to Graham H. Boase, Head of Planning, Regeneration and Regulatory Services, Denbighshire County Council, County Hall, Wynnstay Road, Ruthin, LL15 1YN. Please quote the Planning Reference 07/2012/0539, and give your name and address and grounds for objection.

If you need any assistance then please contact us through the website.  Thank you.