Wind Turbine Collapses

 It certainly makes you think, doesn’t it, when this is the same wind turbine that we are faced with having two of at Syrior, near Llandrillo?  Only, in our case, they would be 46m (150ft) high, which could possibly increase the range of pieces flying from them if such a similar collapse occurred.

As stated in Syrior’s planning application the turbines would be Endurance E-3120 50kW wind turbines – the same as mentioned in the caption beneath this image and in the accompanying Daily Telegraph piece.

What needs to be kept in mind is that the nearest home not connected with the scheme is a mere 600m from the turbines, which is considerably closer than the guidelines currently being proposed by Anglesey’s councillors.  In fact, for turbines of this height, they are suggesting 920m or over half a mile away.  After an accident like this, you can certainly see why!    There is also a bridleway which is only 60m from the proposed turbines, and a footpath just 450m away.

As some of the comments beneath The Telegraph article state, this turbine collapsed less than 3 years after construction, within its 5 year warranty, and yet we are commonly told that wind turbines have a 25 year expectancy!

As Margaret Coles, Chairwoman of Bradworthy District Council, stated, the turbine simply could not cope with the wind.  “The bolts on the base could not withstand the wind and as we are a very windy part of the country they [the energy company] have egg on their face,” she said. “There are concerns about safety.”

Strange that so many people appear to support an energy technology based on wind that cannot cope with…….wind!   However, there is a great deal of OUR cash on offer to money grubbing-landowners and so called wind ‘energy’ companies who exist to harvest money from our ever increasing energy bills.

The Syrior application comes before Denbighshire County Council’s Planning committee on Wednesday, February 20.  You can still object to this application by contacting your local councillor.  Contact details of all members of the Planning committee, including telephone, email and postal addresses, can be found on this link

Please let your voice be heard.  If you keep quiet, then it could signal the end of the tranquillity and unspoilt landscape that we currently take for granted in the Upper Dee Valley area.

Yet Another Deferral by ScottishPower Renewables.

 Once again, ScottishPower Renewables’ plans for a major wind factory of 25 145m (475ft) turbines here in the Upper Dee Valley have been deferred.  This is the third time.  The new date for when the application will be submitted is July/August/September 2013.  Local residents have not been given the reason/s for this further delay, even though it means many more months of having this threat hanging over us all.  While this is allowed to continue the area is, in many respects, blighted.

However, on the upside, attitudes to onshore wind ‘energy’ in the UK, as well as around the world, are changing, with more and more people recognising that the downsides massively outweigh the over-hyped ‘benefits’.  The issue of subsidies is also being debated, especially at a time when more and more vulnerable people are being pushed into fuel poverty by soaring energy bills.

Local residents can also now focus more of their attention on fighting plans for turbines in Llandrillo, Bethel, and possibly an additional 3 turbines of 34.2m (112ft) at Bryn Derw, Glanrafon.  These are often termed as schemes for ‘farm diversification’, but the cumulative impact of all these turbines in the area, some of these being 46m (150ft) at Syrior, Llandrillo, while those at Bodelith Isaf, Bethel, could be a staggering 125m (410ft), would be immense.  Please support STEMM in bringing a halt to these schemes and protecting the Upper Dee Valley from the spread of turbines, access roads, huge concrete filled bases and pylons.


Turbine Creep in Denbighshire Update

The following is a list of the 91 operational and consented wind turbines currently in Denbighshire  (this information was updated in December 2012).  As they are in earlier planning stages the list does not include the Scottish Power Renewables Mynydd Mynyllod wind factory proposals of 25, 475 ft (145m) turbines, nor the Npower Clocaenog project for 32 turbines just outside Ruthin, again of 475 ft.  Also not featured in this list are the two turbines at Syrior, just outside Llandrillo, which, if approved by Denbighshire’s Planning Committee in February, would tower over the surrounding countryside at 150ft (46m).

As can be seen from the list, most of the recent, and larger, consents are in the south of the county:  Cyffylliog/Clocaenog/Derwen/BetwsGG/Gwyddelwern/Corwen.

Denbighshire Council has acknowledged that the emerging trend is for further applications to be made in these same areas, and that many of them will be put forward as ‘farm diversification schemes’.  It’s worth noticing, too, that the Council has given the go ahead to 6 small turbines in the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The question is: where will it all end?  The cumulative impact of more and more of these turbines is ultimately going to lead to an industrialised, turbine dominated landscape across Denbighshire, but with a focus being this part of the county.

The list below gives the name of the turbine sites, followed by the number of turbines and then the tip height in metres.

Gwaenynog Denbigh    1    46m

Derwydd Bach Melin y Wig  10   120m

Clegir Canol Betws GG   1   29.5m

Dyfannedd Melin y Wig   1   10.7m

Nantywrach Betws GG   1     8.5m

Wern Ddu Gwyddelwern   4   90m

Tyn y Celyn Gwyddelwern   2   46m

Tyn y Celyn Gwyddelwern   1   46m

Tyn y Cae Hir Gwyddelwern   1   26.5m

Plas yn Ial Llandegla   1   18m

MaestyddynIsa Clawddnewydd   1   46m

Cil Llwyn Bontuchel   1   46m

Cilgoed Efenechtyd   1   78m

Llanerchgron Pwllglas   1   12m

Cae Gwyn Cyffylliog   1   35m

Cae’r Weirglodd  Cyffylliog   1   35m

Cerrig Oerion Cyffylliog   2   46m

Foel Gollog Eryrys   1   15m

Tyn Llidiart Llandegla   1   17.5m

Maes Truan Llanelidan   1   20m

Llainwen Ucha  Pentrecelyn   1   20m

Rhiwlas Isa Prion   1   20m

Brenig Nantglyn  16   100m

Tir Mostyn & FG  Nantglyn  25   75m

Penrallt Rhyl   1   17.5m

Apollo Cinema Rhyl   1   18m

Ocean Beach Rhyl  10   15m

Cefn Du Tremeirchion   1  15m

Primrose Cott. St. Asaph   1   10.6m