Objection Deadline Extended AGAIN for Bodelith Turbines.

There has been yet another extension to the deadline for comments/objections to the scheme to erect two 377 ft (115m) high turbines at Bodelith Isaf – 78ft (24m) taller than those at Braich Ddu (see above). The deadline for objections is now Monday, June 2.

These turbines would lie between Bethel and Llandderfel, and would be clearly visible on the A494 between Corwen and Bala, adding to the impact of the three existing Braich Ddu turbines.

This second extension has come about thanks to a STEMM supporter putting pressure on Gwynedd County Council to add the missing viewpoint material to its online Track and Trace system.  Until then these pages, which include photomontages and computer generated ‘wireframes’, were only available to view if you visited Bala Library.  You can now access them via this link http://www.gwynedd.gov.uk/swiftlg/apas/run/WPHAPPDETAIL.DisplayUrl?theApnID=C14/0291/04/LL&theTabNo=3&backURL  You will need to scroll down the grey outlined Documents box until you get to sections starting with Figure 7 xxx pdf.

It is worth noting, too, that there are often issues regarding photomontages supplied by developers as they can be from not easily identifiable viewpoints; can have a lot of other vertical elements in the foreground of them, such as fence posts, telegraph poles etc which are confusing and are not how the turbines would be viewed in reality; and, insufficient contrast can sometimes be used, whereby the turbines have become almost invisible.  An additional point is that the photomontages do not give a sense of the cumulative visual impact of the Braich Ddu turbines and this new scheme, as there are points at which all the turbines would be seen simultaneously.

This area is often promoted as the gateway to the Snowdonia National Park.  However, if this scheme gets the go ahead, many residents and visitors could feel that the stunning views have been ruined by out-of-scale turbines which dominate this sensitive landscape.

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