Two New Turbines Of Over 300ft Could Tower Above Llandderfel

sunsetAn amended plan for two 92.5m (303 ft) wind turbines on land near Bodelith Isaf, Llandderfel, is shortly to come before Gwynedd’s Planning Committee.  This is the third time that the developers, Pennant Walters Ltd., have reduced the height of the turbines, and it now means that anyone who has previously objected to the application, has to resubmit their comments.  There is still time to do so, either by letter or email (see details below) by August 17 giving the application number (C14/0291/04/LL) .

Although the turbines have been reduced in height they would still be higher than the three at Braich Ddu, which already dominate the Mynydd Mynyllod landscape.  There are also the two 46m (150ft) turbines at Syrior, Llandrillo, and another one in the planning pipeline at Tyfos, Llandrillo, of 48m (157ft).  If given the go ahead these eight turbines, of all different heights, would pockmark this mountain within the Upper Dee Valley, which is in clear view of the Snowdonia National Park.

STEMM had put together a leaflet (see below) in readiness for the application to come before Gwynedd, but then the developers, aware of the level of objections, decided to knock a few more metres off the turbines.  STEMM members will be distributing these leaflets in the next few days, together with an insert giving details of the latest situation.

leaflet 1

As usual, the planning system works against local residents, with developers being free to make constant amendments leaving objectors with little time to ensure that people have the opportunity to resubmit their comments.

As with the Tyfos wind turbine application the following can be used as a basis for objecting:

  • the cumulative visual impact of the proposed 92.5m turbines in relation to the existing turbines at Braich Ddu and Syrior, and the Tyfos one, which is in the planning process;
  • impact on local residents of noise and possible shadow flicker;
  • issues concerning access to the site and heavy vehicles needed for transportation of all the components;
  • impact on birds and bats;
  • possible impact on the many tourist based businesses in the area;
  • effect on the archaeology/historic environment.

In addition, this application also contravenes Gwynedd’s own Supplementary Planning Guidance for Onshore Wind Energy (link below), which states: ‘…. only proposals for small scale or community or domestic based wind turbine developments will be approved..’.  At over 92m (300ft) the Llandderfel turbines could hardly be considered as small scale or domestic, and this is a scheme put forward by a developer, and is not a community venture.—Council/Strategies-and-policies/Environment-and-planning/Planning-policy/Unitary-Development-Plan/SPG-Onshore-Wind-Energy-June-2014.pdf

All the documents for this planning application can be found on the following, rather lengthy, Gwynedd Council link, and also there is an easy to complete comment form which will need completing if you wish to object.

As soon as there is any information about either this application or the one a short distance away at Tyfos, then we will update the website.  It is also worth checking STEMM’s Facebook page

We’d also like to credit Pixellie for yet another stunning photograph of the Upper Dee Valley.

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