True Scale of Tyfos Turbine Near Llandrillo.


While there is still time to object to plans for a new wind turbine at Tyfos, which would dominate the skyline above Llandrillo and Cynwyd, STEMM members felt it would be useful to stress the location of this turbine and its true scale.

In the photograph above you can see the beautiful and historic village of Llandrillo and in the background rises Mynydd Mynyllod.  The highest point you can see here, which is left of centre on the image, is the approximate location proposed for this wind turbine.  It is difficult to imagine a more prominent site for a gleaming white turbine.

This application is for one turbine of of 48m (157ft) and it would add to the cumulative impact of the two Syrior turbines, also near Llandrillo, but with one major difference, the rotor blades will sweep an area 3.5 times larger than the Syrior ones and so will have a heightened impact.  The diagram shows the difference is size with the Syrior turbine in red and the proposed turbine at Tyfos in black.


At 225 kW the capacity of the turbine is far in excess of the needs of the farm and, therefore, rather than just being farm diversification, can better be described as industrial development in the open countryside

The size and positioning and blade size of the turbine would mean that for many homes the low afternoon sun would in future be seen behind the restless flicker of the turbine blades.

From certain positions there would then be a line of turbines along the mountain taking in the two at Syrior and the three at Braich Ddu. If the Bodelith and Tyfos schemes got the green light then there would be a total of eight turbines, of varying heights, blighting this once unspoilt skyline.

To see full details of the Tyfos scheme (planning reference 07/2015/0414) you need to go to the Denbighshire County Council website (link below) and after clicking on ‘Search planning applications’ put this planning reference into the search engine. You can object to the application there, too.…/