Aviation Warning Lights Needed for Llandderfel Turbines.


The Ministry of Defence has confirmed that the proposed 92.5m (303 ft) wind turbines at Bodelith, near Llandderfel, would require aviation warning lights if given the go ahead. These lights could look similar to those pictured above, which would be extremely intrusive in an area where there is very little light pollution and the dark skies give people clear views of the stars.

The need for the lights is because the Upper Dee Valley is part of a Ministry of Defence low flying area with military aircraft flying down to 250ft from the ground.



It was only last month that there was media coverage of the following:

Air disaster in the making: RAF pilots have almost 60 close-calls with wind farms

RAF pilots flying over Britain have come close to mid-air disaster because of wind farms on almost 60 occasions in the past five years.

The full story can be found on this link. http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/606513/Air-disaster-making-RAF-pilots-60-close-calls-wind-farm

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